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You do EVERYTHING. Let me fix that.

If you’re in the bootstrapping stage, but really need expert eyes on something fast…

Do you need some clarity? Or a roadmap?

Is this your to do list?
  • Update systems and elevate the brand overall, to resolve sales issues.

  • Optimize before hiring: polish your operations for smooth sailing before expanding.

  • Upgrade the customer experience: streamline for ease of delivery

  • Need a plan: have ideas to optimize but need a roadmap.

  • Need to test the waters with some new tech, or need a custom solution.

  • Organize, organize, organize: ditch the sticky notes.

  • Handle influx of sales: stop the overwhelm and manage your new clients easily on the back-end.

Operations Makeover

[Day Reservation] Starting at $997

Ready to conquer your business challenges with a touch of VIP magic? Our VIP Operations Day is your ticket to unparalleled success!

What Can We Achieve:

  • Organize your back-end, or

  • Draft Standard Operating Procedures for staff use, or

  • Update platforms + workflows, or

  • Plan projects + events, or

  • Automate tasks, and many more!

These are past examples. If you want to follow an overall "tune-up'' approach check out what' included.

What's Included:

  • Writing & Strategy: Crafting SOPs, Mini Messaging, Marketing Plans, Resource Allocation, and more.

  • Operations Analysis: Delve into Client Experience, Employee Onboarding, Sales & Markets, and Business Development.

  • Custom Solutions & Recommendations: Uncover gaps, get referrals, and receive a tailored Execution Plan.

  • 4 Hours of Focused Work Time: We go full throttle to whip up the perfect solution for you.

  • Debrief Loom & 30-minute Info Session: Guided walkthrough of your materials.

Who It's For:

  • Business Owners: Trust us to give 150% within the day.

  • Focus on Your Product/Service: Overwhelmed with back-end tasks? We've got you covered.

  • Optimize Before Hiring: Polish your operations for smooth sailing before expanding.

  • Need a Plan: Have ideas to optimize but need a roadmap.

Who It's NOT For:

  • Need Complete Done-for-You Service: Ongoing retainers are a better fit.

  • Starting from Scratch: Some business experience is needed.

  • No Clients Yet: Experience with clients is essential.

The Fine Print:

We're all about quality work, but there are no guarantees on the set deliverables.

For comprehensive overhauls and continuous support, consider an ongoing retainer. Limited availability.

Unleash Your Business's Full Potential: Book Your VIP Operations Day Today!

Day Reservations + Consults

If you’re in the bootstrapping stage, but really need expert eyes on something fast…

Consult - A Clarity Session

[60 minutes] Starting at $349

Discover Your Business's Hidden Potential with an OBM Consult

Do you have a project in mind that you don’t know how to approach? You need some clarity.

  • What's Included: Strategizing for Success, Planning Notes, Custom Solutions + Efficiency (time constraints), 1-Hour Meeting.

  • Why Choose OBM Consult: Affordable Excellence, Tailored Solutions, Quick Yet Powerful Insights.

  • How It Works: Book Session, Share Vision, Craft Strategy, Unleash Efficiency.

Elevate Your Business Now! Unlock Success with OBM Consult – Book Today!

Are you not sure if you need an OBM? Let's find out!



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