Negotiating Happiness


The podcast for life. Real life.

Forge your own path to happiness by hearing new perspectives full of advice, tips, and real life stories to inspire you. Negotiating Happiness is the perfect platform to hear about topics you may not hear about in your daily life, but consistently seek out. Wearing all the hats and juggling all the different aspects of your life? You’re in the right place. Discover new insights and strategies from those who have experienced it all. Delve into the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life and learn how to navigate the path to happiness while hustling in life and in business.

We air LIVE every Monday on the United Public Radio Network on 107.7 & 105.3 FM, New Orleans, USA. In addition we stream on most popular social platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Itunes, IHeartRadio + more!

Signature Topics
  • Entrepreneurship as a parent

  • Mindset and personal growth

  • Work life balance as a booked out business owner

  • Bouncing back from failure

  • Working with chronic illness + more!

Meet Your Host

Adriana runs an Online Business Management company helping small businesses and entrepreneurs systematize their business for maximum efficiency and profit. Three years ago, Adriana swapped her legal hat for that of entrepreneur, striking out to negotiate her own happiness and live life on her own terms. These days, she’s wearing even more hats as a mom, CEO, and founder of Negotiating Happiness, the podcast about life + entrepreneurship, and juggling all the hats. Through engaging conversations with fellow entrepreneurs from all walks of life, she explores the intersections of business, work-life balance, travel, and lifestyle.

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